Things That You Should Know About Thread Lift

Before, the only answer for sagging and drooping skin is a facelift surgery. There had been some skin resurfacing surgery that is used to restore the skin’s firmness. But believe me or not, during that time only a scalpel can truly remove loose skin. However, some people are not up to this kind of methods or surgery.

But the good news is that just recently there is a new method that will fix all the sagging and drooping skin in our body, and that is the thread lift. In this article, you will know the reason why the thread lift is a good choice for you.


The biggest difference between the two is the recovery. If a person underwent a facelift surgery, he or she needs to look for someone who will drive him from the hospital. Also, some people hire a caregiver or a caretaker that can look out for them for at least three days from the day of the surgery. If the patient has kids, it is necessary that they look for a childcare aid that will help the patient after the surgery.

On the other hand, if the patient underwent a thread lift. The recovery is much easier and not so intensive. However, there are few precautions that a patient should put into consideration. It is really important to remember that you should never rub your face right after the thread lift treatment. A patient of a thread lift can drive himself home after the treatment because thread lift only uses local anesthesia instead of general anesthesia. A patient may experience swelling, soreness and redness after the thread lift treatment so they can ask to have a day off in order to rest. On the other hand, they also have a choice to get back to work immediately. Also, after a thread lift, the patient should take very strong medication for pain. This will help the patient get back to his or her normal daily routine right after the surgery. The thread lift is ideal for patients who have children at home and for those who are very busy at work. Also check out, melbourne’s finest clinic for thread lifts.


Silhouette Instalift and NovaThreads are both approved by the FDA. Even though both of them have similar procedure, there is a slight difference between the two.

A NovaThreads procedure uses PDO, these are made from a material that is biocompatible. These materials are specially designed so that it will be easily absorbed by the human body. The NovaThreads will stay in the body for about six months and then after this period they dissolve slowly. However, you can see the result for up to a year or so.

A Silhouette Instalift, on the other hand, is designed with tiny cones that can absorb tissues.


A thread lift is a procedure that gives a subtle lift to the skin. The difference between a thread lift and a facelift surgery is that a facelift surgery removes the sagging or loose skin through a surgery. A thread lift on the other hand just simply suspends certain part of the loose skin to lift it back up. Lifting the skin is an ideal process because in this way the healing response of the body is provoked. If this happens then our body naturally commands large surges of collagen to the treated areas. Collagen plays a vital role in the healing process so this plays a very important role.